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Speak Out For Freedom!

Dean Clifford  kidnappedcropped-freedom.jpgDean Clifford has been a champion of peoples rights speaking out and  fighting tyranny and corporatism in Canada for over a decade. He is a true life hero in every sense of the word. Dean was unlawfully handcuffed and kidnapped back  in 2013 after a November 23rd-24th seminar in Hamilton Ontario by Police who refused to produce identification or a warrant for arrest when asked multiple times by multiple people at the scene.


Visit for more information and how you can free yourself and stop these radical and unlawful acts towards men or women operating under natural law. Stand up and be counted it is time to speak out against the thugs and criminals operating with impunity in corporate hierarchies and in our governments. No more abuse of power the gig is up!


Canada Is Showing Its’ True Colors As A Fascist State!

Canada Free Dean Clifford

Canada Free Dean Clifford! Stop Abusing Peoples Natural Law Rights!

Wake Up! ….Everybody you can!

Stop being a zombie kill your TV set, wake up and claim your inherent rights! Don't settle for benefits and privileges.

Stop being a zombie! Kill your TV set! Even Elvis had enough sense to know that ….media & programming are designed to deceive, misinform and habituate you into ignorance, complacency and  stupidity!  Wake up and claim your inherent rights! Don’t settle for benefits and privileges being doled out or granted by government. Corporations do not have our best interests at heart.


By the way imprisonment and taxes are benefits of being a ‘Legal Person’ in the U.S. corporation.

Revoke Your Corporate Status!

Revoke Your Corporate Status!

So enjoy your corporate privileges that especially goes for all you corporate leaders and career criminals in D.C.

These Joker's Have Been Scamming Us Long Enough!

These Joker’s Have Been Scamming Us Long Enough!

Rescind your Person status because a person has no rights, don’t be duped by this corporate scam!

The Only Service That Serve That Come Out Of Washington Is Lip Service!

The Only Service That Comes Out Of Washington D.C. Is Lip Service!

Do you know you are being lied to and tricked into giving up your inalienable rights and participating in fraud on a massive scale?

This problem has been escalating over the last 7-8 centuries, origins of corporatism began 6-7  thousand years back with the Sumerian, Babylonian and Egyptian dynasties and was perfected around 2.000 years ago in the Roman Empire. Corporations were/ are responsible for genocide, war and plunder of the planet’s resources on a worldwide scale and this is still continuing today.581110_10151022436586187_836954477_n

Rampant Corporatism Is Destroying The Earth!War in IraqAn Iraqi searches for body parts in a po


Support the Freedom Movement! Learn about who you really are? Make a difference in the world! American-Constitution-500x332

Due to my growing concern over the state of affairs of the planet: with the wanton destruction of our Earth, the accelerating pace of unconscious consumerism, corporatism, the global industrial-military complex and it’s associated financial/ socio-political interests and their complete disregard for the obligations and duties of planetary stewardship, the honoring and protection of all lifeforms, these corporate entities whom continue to exploit Earth’s natural resources while only protecting their selfish interests for the massive profits of which benefit a few elite individuals at the top of the global Ponzi scheme, and with their total disregard for the consequences of their actions even to the point of eventual annihilation of all life here on Earth; including themselves I feel I can no longer sit idle and not do something or not say anything at all about this matter! I would like to strongly emphasize and point out that no one is immune to this eventuality.

Time To Take Action and End Tyranny and Injustice!

Time To Take Action and End Tyranny and Injustice!

  I must throw down the gauntlet and speak out about the atrocities and abuse of power which has spiraled out of control and is threating all life here on this beautiful blue jewel in space; a magnificent sentient being, which has birthed and nurtured all the beings alive on this world for many epochs! For the record all that harm the Earth and lifeforms on the Earth are the “true terrorists” by definition and should be removed from the offices that they hold. It is our duty and responsibility to care for and protect the Mother of all life, at all costs!

The Precious Jewel That Bestows Life!

The Precious Jewel That Bestows Life!

It is time to wake up and do something to protect and nurture life on this planet, as we all are in peril if we do not care for our Mother who has given us this precious gift!

Our Most Precious Gift Is Life! Be A Protector Life, Freedom, Truth, Innocence, Beauty and What Is Right!

Our Most Precious Gift Is Life! Be A Protector Of Life, Freedom, Truth, Innocence, Beauty and What Is Right!

Mankind in the brief time period since our appearance here on this planet; which is only a blink of the eye in the life span of the planet has done irreparable damage to the world’s ecosystems, almost all of which has occurred since the so called “scientific age” began. If we stand by doing nothing acquiescent to corporatism and allow the associated psychopaths to continue unabated with their programs of “divide and conquer” pursuing this agenda and the relentless plundering and rape of the planet, this living sparkling blue jewel on which we all exist will become a desolate black cinder and a grave for all Lifeforms. I don’t think that it should be allowed nor will it tolerated, the time of reckoning is at hand, let’s band together and decree “Stop right now, thats enough”!

!He Tells The Biggest Lie Wins?

!He  Who Tells The Biggest Lie Wins? Lets Use Resources To Fix The Problem Not Make It Worse!

Don’t Believe The Lies Support Freedom Not Tyranny!

images (2)

The Definition Of Public Servant ~ A Pack Of Lairs That We Put In Office and Pay Their Salaries!

The Definition Of Public Servant ~ A Pack Of Lairs That We Put In Office and Pay Their Salaries!

Even A Fascist Like Mussolini Was Decent Enough To Speak The Truth! Unlike The Lairs We’ve Elected and Put Into Power!


On the subject of the “New World Order” world wide collusion and conspiracy by corporate elitists of which I am by no means a novice to this whole “conspiracy theory” concept, having read over a 30 year period more than 6,000 books, [reading 200-500 books per year many of titles are on this very subject] including; Manly P. Hall’s – The Secret Destiny of America in 1984 and Milton William Cooper’s – Behold a Pale Horse in 1992 which completely changed my consciousness and completely awakened me to the horrible truth of what is happening on this planet! If you are not convinced of the reality or validity of the conspiracy paradigm and the wholesale atrocities being committed by the world’s leaders and financial corporate elite, I suggest you read Behold a Pale Horse or watch the 4+ hr. lecture  detailing the information in the book. This is not a case of “lunatic fringe” ranting, this is powerful evidence and well documented insider information complete with documentation from government sources that includes a comprehensive Illuminati paper-trail revealing mind blowing information expertly presented in the book and subsequent lecture. William Cooper lecture ‘Behold a pale horse’ (full) Links here for the lecture and Behold A Pale Horse ( Audio Book) Bill Cooper served in the Air Force and the Navy as a member of U.S. Naval Intelligence.

Behold A Pale Horse cover

We must start to raise the awareness of everyone we know and meet, starting a groundswell of  ‘Lawful Rebellion” righteous indignation and conscientious resistance of this outmoded paradigm! “We the original people, claim all our God given rights and the expression of our true freedoms and we recognize no authority other than God!  Our  birthright is Sovereign existence upon the Earth”.

Send a message with your buying power!

Don't Support Corporations Practicing Unethical, Uncontentious and Destructive Environmental Policies and Practices

Don’t Support Corporations Practicing Unethical, Unconscientious and Destructive Environmental Policies and Practices

This is an appeal to all conscious and conscientious people that want to make a difference in the world: please stop buying products from corporations that foster destructive and unsustainable practices

Corporatism_ConspiracyCardsimages (1)

Object and do not participate in political and social programs that support corporations that do not honor life. Educate your neighbors and friends of the corporate offenders. If you are inside the system become a whistle blower and leave the corporate world, do the right thing before it is to late! Don’t buy anything that is not necessary, use thrift stores and classifieds for goods and services you feel you want to have. Try to live more simply, recycle and make the things you need, buy your food locally from conscientious or non-corporate sources and grow as much food as you can, do not buy corporate fast food its unhealthy, expensive uses more resources than necessary and supports destructive agribusiness practices and does not support sustainable environmental principles. Please learn about permaculture, organic gardening and farming methods do not buy or use chemicals at all. Support organic farmers and buy your food and as many products as possible locally, eliminating unnecessary fuel and transportation requirements, eliminating pollution, reducing the need for resources necessary for shipping these products. Exit the system or learn how to retain your natural rights, educate and assist others in this process. Do not allow abuses of power, stop tyranny and protect the Earth and the life of other sentient beings. Find alternative sources of energy and stop participating in all destructive agriculture, building and transportation methods and practices.“Think about the impact of your actions on the health and well being of others as well as the Earth before acting. We can not continue to function under the mis-conceptions and false beliefs of the Status Quo paradigm”!


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